Thursday, February 28, 2019

Evil by any other Name

When one decides to destroy what is innocent, to pervert what was righteous, or to subvert the truth, it is evil. This is not a matter of a misunderstanding, mistake, miscalculation, or misdemeanor---it is the fundamental crime of nature.

We see today the traces of certain evil. In the United States, the Democrat party as an institution openly supports infanticide and lies about it. In North Korea, a maniac supervises the murders of hundreds of thousands while he steadfastly builds the capability of murdering millions, but tries just as lamely to hide this fact. For us, to be naïve about this evil is not presently forgivable. The only acceptable moral choice is to act against the evil.

In the United States, that moral action is to destroy the Democrat party by all legitimate political means possible. In South-East Asia, the imperative is to destroy the Kim regime root and branch. They are both of the same evil nature and they both leave no other option.

Enough foolishness. This should have been clear before. Now it is clearly inescapable.