Monday, February 21, 2005

Deductions from Minimal Information: Terri Schiavo

I have deduced the following in respect to the Terri Schiavo affair:

1. It is unlikely that the husband is responsible for the initial injury.
(Why would he call Terri's father to assist while she was still alive?)

2. The Schindlers and Schiavo are mutually antagonistic.
(More or less a simple observation)

3. Terri is now being used as a pawn by both the pro-life and the euthanasia movements.

4. It is impossible to know what are Terri's wishes here. It is irresponsible to assume that she would wish to starve to death.

5. The Florida Courts are hopelessly dysfunctional. In particular, Judge Greer is acting outside the law.

6. Under present conditions, it is unlikely that Gov. Bush will provoke a Constitutional crisis.

7. It is possible that Terri's condition may improve in the future. In the next ten years, we may have the means to radically improve her condition.


The best strategy for a happy resolution is to have a 3rd party benefactor intervene and offer a mutually satisfactory solution. The husband deserves some compensation to this effect. He should relinquish custody to the parents.

Everyone is invited to challenge these deductions and conclusion. Please be prepared to support your contentions.